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Good fitting underwear is essential, measure yourself if your bra feels uncomfortable
. If your bra makes you ache or slides up your back it isn't the right size. Dieting can change the size of your breasts, as can exercise. Therefore if you've lost or gained weight you should recheck your bra size.

Need a new bra? Need some new pants? Need some new underwear? We've got links and information for you, as well as discount vouchers and savings which means you can get more bra and pants!

We believe buying underwear online is probably the best way. The online stores we promote have great ranges of styles, colours and sizes and beat all the high street stores we've visited in our search for the perfect bra.

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Finding Fashionable DD+ Bra and Knickers Sets

In the dim and distant past you might remember what it was like buying a bra. You'd have to go along to a real life highstreet shop and look through racks and racks of lovely lacy bras which were never in your size.


Washing your bra - how to wash boned bras - don't just stick them in your washing machine.

Washing your bra - you should rinse through handwash only - your bras every time you wear them - warm water and some soap powder, and rinse well. Putting a boned bra into the washing machine will result in tears and a plumbers bill. Rinse well as you'll be wearing it in close contact with your skin and you don't want to cause any allergies cos you'll be scratching all day - which will make your work colleagues think you've gone mad.

If you must put a bra in the washing machine - and it has bones (underwiring) then put it inside a pillowcase and then inside a mesh bag - double safe to protect your washing machine. A huge number of washing machine faults are caused by bra bones


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Bra And Pants

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Save upto 70%
Shop by bra size
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Buying a bra online - quick guide

If you've got a bigger bust than average you need a better shop than average and for this we recommend BraStop - they've got probably the biggest range of cup sizes in the Uk.

Look at the sizes and details, is it the right bra for you? Do you normally go for a push up bra, a balconette bra or one with full cup coverage? Are you looking for a special events bra to wear under some skimpy dress?

Once you've checked your bra size you can get away on to the shopping. BraStop lets you pick by bra size, brand, colour and category. This makes it really easy to find the right bra for you.

You can browse the site easily looking at all the bras available in your size (Apart from the time this takes you of course as there's so many - which is why they give you so many useful options to help narrow down the choice.

Once you've picked your selections of bras and pants and maybe even some swimwear! You can go to the checkout. Basic delivery to the UK is only £2.50 or you can pay for a speedier delivery service which will guarantee delivery the following working day .


Bra and Pants finds you the very best bra offers on the Internet and in real Life - to find you the best bargains and offers on Bras and Pants - the best underwear online

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